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Minister of Agriculture asks Brussels to use CAP funds – News

At the meeting of the Council of Agriculture Ministers of the European Union (EU), Maria do Céu Antunes will inform Brussels about the drought...


Malaysia detains Chinese ship suspected of looting British WW2 wrecks

Fishermen and divers first reported the presence of the foreign vessel to Malaysia authorities last month.Local maritime police detained the Chinese ship on Sunday....



President Minister Norma Piña calls not to confuse ‘legitimization with popularity’

The Minister President of the Supreme Court, Norma Piña, warned about the importance of distinguishing legitimacy with popularity, and maintained that within the Federal...

This was the friction between Jorge ‘El Travieso’ Arce and Poncho de Nigris in MasterChef Celebrity 2023

Before Poncho de Nigris was expelled from the MasterChet Celebrity competition, the man from Monterrey had a little friction with the boxer "Travieso" Arce,...

Trailer dies when he rolls over on the San Pedro-Cuatrociénegas highway

Trailer dies when he suffers a rollover on the San Pedro - Cuatrociénegas highway, at the height of the Puerto de Ventanillas ejido, in...

Taxi crashes into a car and projects it against a parked truck in Torreón

Vehicles collide and one of them is projected against a parked van, the road mishap occurred shortly before 10:00 am on Monday at the...

A minor under 15 years of age is beaten by her 35-year-old partner and ends up in the hospital

A minor under the age of 15 ended up in a hospital bed, after early Monday morning her 35-year-old partner hit her on the...


Not quite a unique comeback for Boston Celtics: Miami Heat to NBA Finals | Sports Other

May 30, 2023 at 7:19 amUpdate: 2 minutes agoThe Boston Celtics grabbed a special final spot in the NBA on Monday evening (local time)....

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