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12 years after Dulce Amor, Carina Zampini and Sebastián Estevanez revived “Marcoria”: the video


Carina Zampini and Sebastian Estevanez They recreated scenes from Sweet love (Telefe) and they drove the fans crazy.

The characters of the actors in the successful soap opera Telefe which premiered in 2012 were Marcos Guerrero and Victoria Bandiand viewers nicknamed the couple “Marcoria“.

What happened between Carina Zampini and Sebastián Estevanez

Although Zampini and Estevanez were only a couple in fiction, they won the hearts of thousands of fans who watched them every night on screen. In Sweet loveshe played a wealthy woman, a member of an important family business, and he was a humble man who became her personal driver.

Carina Zampini and Sebastian Estevanez

So it is so, that They recently recreated some scenes but with a particular reason: to advertise for the Mercado Libre Hot Sale.

In the videos broadcast online you can see the actors recreating the attraction that existed between them in the soap opera, but with a dialogue for the brand’s commercial.

“Marcos, I’ll tell you this way, without a filter. Your coffee maker no longer works, it doesn’t heat up. I was thinking of replacing it with one of those that have capsules,” he begins. Carina Zampini. Using his characteristic phrase, Sebastian Estevanez He responded: “Mamadera, how beautiful you are, always on the podium, up there. Sixth flat out, Victoria.”

“What a nice exciting meeting @zampinilcarinaok, we had a lot of fun, we played, It seemed that time had not passed, I missed, I was afraid, 12 years passed, shame but Victoria and Marcos are in our heartsIt is a pleasure to work with you, you are a very good colleague, a great actress and an excellent person. Going back to work at Telefe also made me very nostalgic, with all their beautiful team and always so good vibes. Hold on to the fiction, I hope it comes back, it’s work for many families“said Estevanez through a post on his Instagram account.

It is worth mentioning that the artists have been away from acting for some years. While Carina was on screen as a host until the beginning of this year, Sebastián declared in 2021 in dialogue with Hold on Catalina (La Once Diez / Radio de la Ciudad) that he had no plans to return to TV: “I don’t think I’ll come back with a novel, I’m working on personal projects.“.

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