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130 kilometers of new railway in Norway in the last 15 years – almost 80 per cent in Eastern Norway


The development of the Follobanen between Oslo and Ski is one of the railway projects in Eastern Norway that the state has spent a lot of money on. In total, the project has cost NOK 36 billion. Here, a train enters the tunnel that was built for the project. Photo: Alf Simensen / NTB

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Economy and business: It emerges from one overview transport minister Jon-Ivar Nygård (Ap) has sent to the Storting.

Nygård was asked by Frps Erlend Wiborg (Frp) about how many kilometers of road and railway the state has built annually in the last 15 years, divided by county.

The overview of railway developments shows that ten projects have been completed in the last 15 years.

In total, we are talking about 130.9 kilometers of railway. Of this, 103 kilometers have been built in Eastern Norway, corresponding to 78.7 per cent.

Only three of the projects are outside Eastern Norway: new double track Arna – Bergen, (11.9 kilometres), Hell – Værnes (1.5 kilometres) and Stavanger – Sandnes (14.5 kilometres).

The longest sections built during the period are the Follobanen, between Oslo and Akershus (22 kilometres) and Farriseidet – Porsgrunn (22.5 kilometres).

This caused, among other things, the business association in the Stavanger region to react.

– Here there is nothing for the rest of the country. The railway around central Eastern Norway is running away with everything, said CEO Harald Minge i The trade association.

He believes that Eastern Norway had already won a superior victory with the government’s proposal for the National Transport Plan, and that the settlement between the opposition made it worse.

– What we in the Business Association in the Stavanger region renamed the Eastern Norway transport plan has become even more Eastern, said Minge.

It was Høyre, Frp, Rødt, Venstre and KrF that formed the new majority on the projects.

The overview nevertheless lists how many national roads the National Roads Administration has built in the various counties, and how many kilometers of road the state company Nye Veier has built.

Here is the total overview of completed railway projects in Norway in the last 15 years:

2024: New double track Arna – Bergen (Vestland), 11.9 kilometres

2023: Venjar – Eidsvoll Langset (Akershus), 13.5 kilometres

2022: Follobanen (Oslo and Akershus), 22 kilometres

2018: Farriseidet – Porsgrunn (Vestfold and Telemark), 22.5 kilometres

2016: Holm – Nykirke (Vestfold), 14 kilometres

2016: Hell – Værnes (double track over bridge) (Trøndelag), 1.5 kilometers

2015: Langset – Kleverud (Akershus and Innlandet), 17 kilometres

2011: Lysaker – Sandvika (Akershus), 6.7 kilometres

2011: Barkåker – Tønsberg (Vestfold), 7.3 kilometres

2009: Sandnes – Stavanger (Rogaland), 14.5 kilometres

Total: 130.9 kilometres

Earlier this week, several opposition parties in the Storting agreed on several new transport projects in the National Transport Plan for the next few years. Among the priorities were two railway projects in Eastern Norway and a new subway station at Majorstuen in Oslo.

In his reply to the Storting, the Minister for Transport also explains about road projects in recent years. He explains that there can be several ways to register road development, and that information on how the kilometers are distributed between the counties is not easily available.

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