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15 had to be treated in hospital


The Stockholm marathon was held on Saturday. Photo Maja Suslin / Scanpix / NTB

Of NTB | 01.06.2024 21:13:04

Weather: – 15 people is a high number, but not so surprising considering the weather, said the marathon’s press manager Lorenzo Nesi to the news agency TT.

Some of the runners were seriously injured, but the condition should be stable for all of them after receiving medical attention. It was a participant record in this year’s edition of the marathon.

– If you have 18,000 people in motion, who will run 42 kilometers in 28 degree heat, then it is nice to note that we did not experience anything more critical than the 15 who had to receive treatment, said Nesi.

Thirsty runners got an unpleasant surprise at the first drink station. There was not enough water for everyone.

– It is a tanker that was unable to pump out water at the speed it needed to, said Nesi.

Several other of the 17 drinking stations also had problems offering water to all the runners when they passed by.

Two weeks ago, around 40 people collapsed under similar conditions during the Göteborgsvarvet street race. A man in his 20s died.

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