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17 May will be a weather festival across almost the entire country


Both before and after 17 May, summer weather is expected in Eastern Norway. The picture shows Karl Johans gate filled with people while the 17 May train goes up to the Palace. Photo: Terje Bendiksby / NTB

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Weather: “The whole coast Lindesnes to Hammerfest in the north – now it will be sun, sun, sun”. The lyrics from Strikk’s well-known song “Sol” fit almost perfectly for the weather outlook in the country over the next few days.

– Not all the way to Hammerfest, but maybe all the way to Alta, meteorologist on duty Charalampos Sarchosidis tells NTB.

Pretty much the whole country can look forward to a good and warm 17 May, but even before the bunad is put on, you can enjoy summery temperatures. Because the beautiful weather continues – and it extends far north.

If you are in southern Norway and want to cool down on Thursday, you can take a trip to southern Norway. Here it will be “only” 22 degrees. The warmest will be in Trøndelag with 28 degrees.

Nordland will also reach the 20s, Troms will get 18, while in Finnmark around 10 degrees is expected in inland areas.

– In Eastern Norway and Western Norway it will be up to 25 degrees, while Central Norway and Trøndelag will be the warmest at 28 degrees, says Sarchosidis.

Further north you can also take part in the beautiful weather on 17 May. The warmest places in Nordland will reach 25 degrees, but Troms will also reach the 20s.

But then it stops – because the distinction seems to be in Finnmark.

– Hammerfest, Honningsvåg, the coast of Finnmark and eastwards towards Kirkenes will be between three and seven degrees.

The good news for those in the far north is that the rainfall on 17 May will subside during the day.

And in the south, several places will have one of their three warmest 17 May temperatures for as long as the Meteorological Institute has been measuring.

– And some places have their warmest national day as long as the measurements have been ongoing, says Sarchosidis.

According to the meteorologist, a low pressure in the north will bring cool air masses from the sea down to Western Norway. This means that the whole of Northern Norway and down to Western Norway will have lower temperatures.

– Trondheim goes from 25 degrees on Friday to 12 degrees on Sunday, so it’s a real temperature drop, says Sarchosidis – who encourages people in northern Norway to enjoy the good weather days while you have them.

– From Sunday it will be wintry, and the snow showers will return. There will be a drop from 20 plus degrees to snow showers, so you have to make sure you really enjoy the weekend, says Sarchosidis.

For parts of Eastern Norway, Southern Norway, Western Norway and Rogaland, the Meteorological Institute has issued a yellow hazard warning.

– And it will only get drier as long as there is no precipitation, says the meteorologist.

Friday looks like it will be a real party in terms of weather as well – and according to the meteorologist, it is not often that such a large part of the country gets such nice weather on the national day.

– Vidda and Alta get around 16 degrees. But when we get to Hammerfest, as the song says, it won’t be as hot, says the meteorologist and tells:

When the 17 May party is over, the summer temperatures continue in Southern Norway and Eastern Norway. However, it does not do so in Western Norway, in central Norway and upwards.

The meteorologist reminds us that the sun and heat cause it to become dry – and thus the risk of grass and heather fires.

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