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18-year-old shot in the upper body in Holmlia


The police are on the scene after a young man was shot in the upper body in Holmlia on Monday evening. Photo: Cornelius Poppe / NTB

Of NTB | 22.04.2024 23:10:22

Medicine and health: Police received a report of the shooting at 9:16 p.m.

– We were notified via AMK that a person had been shot in the upper body. It was a witness at the scene who called in, says operations manager √ėyvind Schalla-Aasen of the Oslo police to NTB.

The incident took place outdoors. The emergency services rushed to the scene, where they worked with life-saving first aid.

– The victim has been taken to hospital. The extent of the damage is still unknown. The police are working with technical and tactical investigations at the scene, including witness interviews, Schalla-Aasen states in a message to the media.

Operations leader Steinar Bjerke informs the press at the scene that the offended 18-year-old was conscious when he was picked up by an ambulance. Relatives have been notified.

– We are trying to obtain information about what has happened and who is behind it. We have several patrols on site and are searching the area, says operations manager Schalla-Aasen.

The shooting took place at a kindergarten, and the police are investigating whether there are surveillance images from the incident.

Operations leader Bjerke says at 10.30pm that the police do not have any details about the reason for the shooting.

– I also have no details about whether there has been one or more shots, he says.

The task leader says that several technical seizures have been made, but he confirms that no weapon has been found at the scene.

As of now, there is no information indicating that there is a danger to other residents in the area.

The police have a police helicopter in the air to search for one or more perpetrators. It is unclear how many people are being searched for, but searches are being carried out with dogs in the area.

The police state that they currently do not have any information about the perpetrator, but that they are working to obtain information at the scene.

The police are working to interview witnesses at the scene, but are also asking for other witnesses who were in the area to get in touch.


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