What do clean air zones mean for company car fleet managers?


In short, if you’re managing or part of a car fleet, then it’s only Class D zones that you’ll need to worry about. 

Which cities have charging clean air zones for cars?

Plans stalled during the pandemic, but old problems bounced back quickly after lockdowns lifted. The Centre for Cities studied 49 urban areas last December and found that pollution had already returned to pre-Covid levels despite the ongoing economic slump. Eight live or income zones affect car drivers.  

Uniquely, London has two separate schemes.

The Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) applies 24/7, and charges pre-Euro 4 petrols and pre-Euro 6 diesels £12.50 to enter. It covers the entire area within the North and South Circular roads.

The Congestion Charge operates between 7am and 10pm within a much smaller area of central London. All vehicles with a combustion engine – including plug-in hybrids – are charged £15 per day to enter the zone, in addition to any ULEZ fees.

What does this mean for fleets?

For now, it shouldn’t be a huge concern. Most fleets operate cars under three years old, which meet the required Euro standards so will be exempt from most charging clean air zones. 

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