Audi driver chased by police helicopter and dogs in ‘absolutely bonkers’ pursuit through Dudley



An Audi driver was chased by police dogs and a helicopter during a dramatic chase through Dudley.

The man was pursued by police after driving off from them in the early hours of this morning, January 11.

He drove around the streets of Dudley before escaping into gardens, police said.

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When the motorist was finally caught, he told officers he tried to evade them for having ‘no license or insurance’.

West Midlands Police officers branded the incident ‘absolutely bonkers’

Police placing a person in handcuffs

WMP Traffic tweeted: “The driver of this Audi made off from us in the early hours and was pursued around Dudley before decamping and being tracked into gardens by @WMPDogs and @NPASMidlands.

“When we arrested him it turned out he had only done it because he didn’t have a licence/insurance. #AbsolutelyBonkers

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