Bentivoglio: «Monterossi? An involuntary winner like me “


«An involuntary winner in love with the losers». Fabrizio Bentivoglio thus describes Monterossi, the character he plays in the homonymous series produced by Palomar and available from January 17 on Amazon Prime Video. «A definition that photographs it – he adds – and with which I identify myself. “There are several things we have in common – continues the actor -. First of all the setting, Milan, my city, very different today from that of my youth and which despite the passing of the years remains the place of my memory. And then belonging to the same generation and being from Inter ».

Monterossi and Bob Dylan

Monterossi is a dissatisfied author of TV programs, who becomes a detective by chance, determined to understand why and who tried to kill him by shooting him in his house. She does not live a couple relationship and has a passion for Bob Dylan, of which each song describes the moment she is experiencing, giving voice to her moments of nostalgia. «It was easy to play Carlo Monterossi, I’m a bit like him. I too, for example, love Dylan, I have my vinyls like him and I spent nights deciphering some of his song lyrics. Everything we represent represents us. I wanted Monterossi and I to seem the same person “, the actor comments.

Carla Signoris co-star

«I play Flora – he says Carla Signoris speaking of her character, the cynical presenter of a television program -. I knew the books by Alessandro Robecchi, from which the series is based, and my character does not look like me, it is the expression of the cynicism of television, but it has an evolution, especially in the last episode, when they kidnap him. I can’t wait (the actress jokes, ed) to be kidnapped too. Flora? It is the opposite of me, honeyed in front of the camera and a hyena in front of the guest and his tragedy, of which she is only interested in whether it is telegenic. Just as it cynically looks at the audience. And if something is gory enough to listen more. Flora would make a truculent appeal to persuade vaccination, without losing sight of the telegenicity of a possible interviewee ».

Director Roan Johnson

The series is based on Robecchi’s novels. The books dedicated to the character of Carlo Monterossi are in all eight, published between 2014 and 2021. The author declared that he was happy to “see what I have written take shape on television, the collective work that is put in place to doing it is exciting. It is another language, in different ways, but the important thing is that, as in any translation, there is convergence with what is written “.

«When you approach a new job you have to understand how to safeguard the heart – says director Roan Johnson – you cannot betray the heart of the book you loved. We need to do some work on our ego, so as not to undermine the heart of the book. We did our best, with a cast I’m proud of, to make a crime capable of delving into feelings ».

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