Bruno Barbieri in 4 Hotel starts from Venice


Bruno Barbieri closes his suitcase and prepares for eight new stages of 4 Hotels, the iconic challenges between hoteliers in Italy. For the first time in the air on TV8, from 12 January, every Wednesday, at 21.30, lo Chef starry will be the protagonist and feared referee of the competitions between the hotels of some of the most fascinating places in Italy, in the new cycle of episodes of the beloved original Sky production created by Banijay Italia.

Bruno Barbieri from Venice to Basilicata

This time, Bruno Barbieri 4 Hotel’s journey from north to south on the Peninsula will make its debut in Venice. Then continue with the other stages: Tuscany, South Tyrol, Milan, Lecce, Maremma, Abruzzo, Basilicata. 8 new episodes during which the competing hotels, 4 for each evening, of different price ranges or categories, will compete for the title by focusing on everything that according to them makes the difference in their offer. In compliance with the success mechanism that has made this show a cult, and which is now enriched with a new, insidious level of difficulty.

As always, the very demanding and strict expert of hôtellerie Bruno Barbieri and the competitors will spend a day and a night in each other’s hotels. After check-in, they will experiment and test hospitality, style, cleanliness, any services offered by the hotel. And, of course, the hospitality of each hotelier. Their ability to transform a simple overnight stay into an unforgettable experience to discover a territory.

After breakfast, they will check out. Then they will be called to express their opinions which, from today, will be on 5 categories. Their votes, from 1 to 10, will in fact evaluate the location, room, services, price and, for the first time, breakfast, the meal that every self-respecting hotel considers its flagship.


Also this year some thematic episodes will show new frontiers and new trends in hospitality and hospitality. From the glamping of Maremma, still not very common in Italy, to real luxury campsites whose name is a mix between the words “glamor” and “camping”, to low cost hotels, which will show how it is possible to stay with a few euros in cities like Milan, whose cost of living is not that low.

Driver, guide, observer and judge of the race, for Barbieri travel has always been an essential element in his career. For work, but also for passion, the Chef has traveled all over the world, without ever setting aside his unique, sophisticated and elegant style, thus gaining the title of expert in hotel hospitality in the field. With his votes, at the end of each episode he will be able to confirm or revolutionize the verdict resulting from the votes of the 4 protagonists of the episode. Only one of the competing hoteliers will thus be awarded an economic contribution to be reinvested in their company.

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