Dublin News LIVE: Drivers urged to slow down as traffic lights out at busy city centre junction


Drivers in the city centre have been urged to “slow down” if passing through a busy junction after the traffic lights went out.

The Kevin Street, Patrick Street and Dean Street junction traffic lights are not working currently.

The junction beside St Patrick’s Cathedral sees a heavy flow of traffic – especially at rush hour.

Dublin City Council’s Traffic Management Centre warned drivers to “take care” when approaching the junction.

They tweeted: “CAUTION: The Traffic signals are out at the jct of Kevin St/Patrick St/Dean St- SLOW DOWN AND APPROACH WITH CARE.”

Elsewhere in the city, traffic is heavy on the Quays and in Drumcondra coming into town.

However, traffic is still relatively light with only six traffic jams and 8% congestion across the city, according to the Tom Tom Traffic Index.

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