Fontana, Fermi and Violi Lombard delegates at the Quirinale. Out of the Pd


The vote of the three delegates of the Lombardy Region for theelection of the new tenant of the Quirinale he saw surprisingly, for minorities, the appointment of Dario Violi (M5s) in place of the Pd candidate Fabio Pizzul. The other delegates, elected in the ranks of the majority, were two leaguers: the governor Attilio Fontana and the president of the regional council Alessandro Fermi.
Net of those absent, on the card Pizzul could count on 14 sure votes while Violi out of 10. However, from the ballot box (each councilor could choose to vote two great voters)22 votes for Violi and 17 for Pizzul. The votes that allowed the overtaking of the M5s councilor to the detriment of the dem group leader, as far as we know, would have come from the center-right majority.
The other issue is internal to the majority, which could count on 49 votes. If Fontana received 47 votes, Fermi collected 31 (16 votes less than the governor).

The Pd: M5s voted by the center-right

“Twenty-two votes show how the Five Star Movement has worked in a timely and compact way in recent years and are a recognition of the political action that we have been able to carry out with seriousness and preparation, during the two legislatures in the Regional Council” Violi says satisfied. The reading of the Democratic Party is different: «Forza Italia and the Brothers of Italy have chosen an exponent of the 5-star Movement. The opposition delegate for the election of the next President of the Republic was chosen by the center-right. The interference of the majority in the dynamics of the opposition is a serious matter. These are political facts that make clear sense and have to do with Forza Italia’s goal of having Silvio Berlusconi elected as the next head of state.. We remain convinced that clarity and consistency always pay off. We acknowledge that we are the only real opposition in the Lombardy Region ».

Fontana relaunches Moratti for the Quirinale

The name of the center-right candidate for the presidency of the Republic remains that of Silvio Berlusconi, although in case of difficulty the vice president of Lombardy, Letizia Moratti, would be «an excellent candidate for the Quirinale. It also has the added advantage of being able to present a novelty because it would be the first woman elected as President of the Republic, in addition to the undoubted skills she has shown in its history.“. To say it is the president of the Lombardy Region, Attilio Fontana.

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