For the farewell to David Sassoli funeral chamber in the Capitol


For the farewell to David Sassoli funeral chamber in the Capitol. The last farewell to the President of the European Parliament will be held on Thursday 13 January in the Protomoteca room, from 10 to 18. The funeral will be held on Friday 14, at 12, also in Rome in the church of Santa Maria degli Angeli in Piazza della Repubblica. Also present will be the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, who recalled him this way today: “His death opens a void in the ranks of those who believed in and built a Europe of peace at the service of citizens and represents a reason for profound pain. for the Italian people and for the European people. His clear, constant, passionate commitment contributed to making the Strasbourg assembly the protagonist of the political debate in a very delicate phase, giving voice to the expectations of European citizens. Sassoli – continued Mattarella – with the other European leaders, was able to accompany a decisive turning point for the future of Europe: from civil and social rights, to dialogue with other countries, starting with the Mediterranean. Also with the commitment to the Conference on the future of the Union. Passionate politician, loyal and rigorous leader, he was able to nourish with his culture a political initiative at the service of people and institutions – added the head of state, expressing closeness to his family – a man of dialogue, he made the method of comparison the figure of his relationship with his interlocutors, in search of the common good. Quality that he had also been able to express in his work as a journalist ».

For farewell to David Sassoli

The Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, will speak at Sassoli’s commemorations this afternoon, which will take place in the Chamber of Deputies and in the Senate. «Man of the institutions, profound pro-European, passionate journalist – said Draghi – Sassoli was a symbol of balance, humanity, generosity. These qualities have always been recognized by all his colleagues, from every political position and from every European country, testifying to his extraordinary civic passion, his ability to listen, his constant commitment to the service of citizens “. On Monday at the Strasbourg plenary session, the former President of the Council and former European Parliamentarian, Enrico Letta, will deliver the official speech in the commemoration ceremony; while already today hundreds of people including deputies, officials and staff of the European institution observed a minute of silence and then gave a long applause to Sassoli as they gathered in the Esplanade in front of the European Parliament in Brussels.

The homage from all of Europe

To say goodbye to David Sassoli, the flags of the Bundestag, the German Parliament, were lowered at half mast; as well as the EU flags of the offices of the Commission and the European Council. «It is a sad day for Europe – declared in Italian the president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen – today our Union loses a convinced pro-European. A sincere democrat. A good man. A man who fought for justice and solidarity and a good friend. My thoughts go out to his wife Alessandra, to his children Giulio and Livia and to all his friends. He knew how to fight for what he believed in. In 1989 he was among the young Europeans in Berlin for the fall of the Berlin Wall and since then he has spent himself on the side of democracy and for a united Europe. In over a decade at the service of the European Parliament – concluded President Ursula von der Leyen – Sassoli has constantly defended our Union and its values. But he also believed that Europe had to fight to go further, it wanted a Europe that was more united and closer to its people and more faithful in its values. And this is his legacy ». A “believer animated by hope and charity, competent journalist and esteemed man of the institutions who, in a calm and respectful way, in the public responsibilities covered, did his utmost for the common good with righteousness and generous commitment, promoting a vision of solidarity with lucidity and passion of the European Community and dedicating himself with particular care to the least “. It is the memory of Pope Francis. While for the French President, Emmanuel Macron, «at the head of the European Parliament David Sassoli raised his commitment to our democratic values ​​by leading the debates in our agora with talent and passion. Our Union loses at the same time an Italian patriot, a great European and a tireless humanist ».

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