ITV Beat the Chasers’ Simon Weston is friends with man behind his burns



ITV Beat The Chasers star Simon Weston has revealed he is good friends with the pilot behind the attack which left him severely burned.

The 60 year old is on the celebrity edition of the programme from 9pm til 10pm on Tuesday January 11.

Weston was with other members of his regiment in RFA Sir Galahad in Port Pleasant near Fitzroy, just off the Falkland Islands, when he was attacked by Argentines in 1982.

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Sir Galahad was bombed and set on fire by Argentine Skyhawk fighters during the Bluff Cove Air Attacks.

22 members of his 30-strong platoon were killed – and Weston survived, miraculously, with 46 per cent burns.

He previously revealed: “My first encounter with a really low point was when they wheeled me into the transit hospital at RAF Lyneham and I passed my mother in the corridor and she said to my gran, “Oh mam, look at that poor boy” and I cried out “Mam, it’s me!” As she recognised my voice her face turned to stone.”

In 2017, Simon revealed that he was friends with the Argentine pilot who dropped the bomb on the RFA Sir Galahad.

“I’ve met him since and we remain very good friends,” Simon said.

“We shared a split second in time. Our countries were at war. Having spoken to him, he didn’t know there were as many people on the ship as there were.”

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