Stromae conquers everyone with L’Enfer


Stromae strikes again. The critically acclaimed Belgian singer-songwriter is surprisingly introducing the new single The Enfer in a performance on the French news TF1 going straight to the heart. He begins by talking about his childhood, his “maman” forced to move from one country to another, his music full of sounds of Africa but not only.
When asked by the journalist “Did music help you get rid of loneliness?”, Stromae responded by singing a fragment of the new single in front of over 7 million viewers.
An exhibition that sparked more than 14 million social interactions, entering the # 1 trend on Twitter!

A real twist, in short, for the 36-year-old’s fans Stromae, to the century Paul Van Haver. Belgian singer-songwriter, record producer and rapper, originally from Rwanda on his father’s side and Belgian on his mother’s side, his musical production is characterized by a style between hip hop, soul and electronic music.

Stromae’s career

Success comes with the first single (May 2013) from his 2nd album. The song, entitled Papaoutai, gets strong success in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and other French-speaking countries, including Morocco. A few weeks after the (almost amateur) video of Formidable, in which the artist pretended to be drunk a Place Louise, at the gates of the center of Brussels, goes viral. In 2013 he published Racine carrée (“Square root”, graphically rendered with the corresponding mathematical symbol √), its second record album. The album has sold over two million copies in France (4 times diamond disc). Guest at Sanremo 2014 he enters the homes of Italians conquering the youngest and not only with Formidable, Papaoutai and with Tous les mêmes …

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