The Zen Circus in “118” with feat. Saint Mary


A new single for The Zen Circus. IS “118”The upcoming song, feat. Claudio Santamarito. And it will be available on all digital stores from Friday 14 January.

Zen Circus accompanied by an exceptional guest for an unusual feature where music meets cinema. A singular episode that sees the meeting between one of the most popular realities of the current music scene and one of the most representative actors of Italian cinema of the last decades.

The Zen Circus with Santamaria

«I have great respect for Zen Circus, they called me for a collaboration and, having excellent musical tastes, I accepted without thinking for a second» explains the actor Claudio Santamaria.

While the band, about the song, says: «The bass, the lower part, the back. Where every now and then we like to look to feel ourselves all a little higher. What is not found in social networks, in shop windows, in the prevailing regime of “pre-Beninism” at all costs. Forgotten neighborhoods where the human curfew was there well before Covid and ambulances run with sirens even between fights, accidents at work and desperation. All this is 118, where the difference between the top and the bottom still exists today ».

Twenty years of career

With over 20 years of activity behind it, The Zen Circus does not stop renewing itself, always adding new experiences to their long discography. Their latest album of unpublished “L’Ultima Casa Welcoming” is dated 2020, yet another chapter of an incredible career that has 11 albums, an anti-biographical novel published by Mondadori, an important participation in the competition between the big names at the Sanremo Festival in 2019 and thousands of concerts, with which Zen Circus continue to expand and feed the large transgenerational audience that has always followed their lives.

With the release of “118” the surprises of the beginning of the year continue for the band which has recently announced the return to the stages with the indoor tour starting in April.
These are the dates on the calendar:
01 April 2022 Bologna – Link
06 April 2022 Milan – Alcatraz
07 April 2022 Turin – OGR
08 April 2022 Perugia – Urban
09 April 2022 Senigallia (AN) – Mamamia
23 April 2022 Bari – Anchecinema
05 May 2022 Rome – Atlantic
06 May 2022 Florence – Tuscany Hall

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