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When Calls The Heart Season 9 Updates: As we all watched the teaser of the 9th season which gave a relationship between Lucas and Jack. The teaser had given clarity on how the new season will be. The teaser shows the cast f Lucas, Elizabeth, and Jack. When Lucas enter Elizabeth’s home with an injury.

Elizabeth has concerned about Lucas but his complete concentration was on Jack. In the absence of Elizabeth, Lucas gave company for Jack and he offered a toy for her. Another clip of the new season has explained the conversation between Elizabeth and Rosemary about Lack that he will be a good father to jack by listening to Rosemary’s words Elizabeth was shocked and she had the same feeling by seeing them.

When Elizabeth decided to continue the relationship with Lucas Mountie was hurt. We have seen this at the end of the eighth season. The teaser has also given information about Nathan and Mei Suo. Nathan was left alone and he may choose another woman to forget Elizabeth.

The eighth season was ended with the heartbreak of Nathan and in the new season, he may fall in love with a school teacher whose husband was dead. The twist was that Elizabeth was in confusion because she had even feelings for Nathan also.

Relationships In When Calls The Heart Season 9

When Calls The Heart Season 9

Let us see whom Elizabeth chooses to live her remaining life or after the heartbreak will Nathan choose the school teacher. Love is in the air conveyed by Pascale Hutton explains the love romance in the series. This was considered the storyline of the series.

One of the bad news for the fans is that two of the main cast Jesse and Clara will be missing in the new season. Clara was telecasted as a widow and her husband was dead in an accident at a coal mine. Hope there will be new characters in the new season and old characters may repeat.

The first season of the series was a combination of 12 episodes and was released on January 11 of 2014. The second season of the series was a combination of seven episodes and was released on April 25 of 2015. The third season was telecasted on February 21 of 2016. The fourth season and fifth season was a combination of ten episodes each and was telecasted in the years 2017 and 2018.

The sixth season was telecasted on February 18 of 2019. The seventh season was telecasted on February 23 of 2020 and the eighth season was telecasted on February 21 of 2021. There is no exact information about the release of the new season.

Main Characters Involved Till Now In The Series

• Daniel Lissing performed as Jack Thornton
• Erin Krakow performed as Elizabeth Thatcher
• Pascale Hutton performed as Rosemary LeVeaux
• Kavan Smith performed as Leland Coulter
• Martin Cummins performed as Henry Gowen
• Lori Loughlin performed as Abigail Stanton
• Jack Wagner performed as Bill Avery


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