Drug dealer rumbled after stashing £40 worth of crack cocaine inside her private parts



A drug dealer has been jailed for three years after selling crack cocaine and heroin to pay off her partner’s debts.

Cathryn Williams , 35, was arrested in July and September and found to be in possession of drugs. In October, police forced their way inside her Stoke home after stopping a known drug user who had left the address with drugs.

Williams was arrested and was found to have four wraps of crack cocaine inside a condom hidden in her vagina during a search, StokeonTrentLive reports.

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And her two phones contained texts which showed she was involved in the supply of crack cocaine and heroin.

Now Williams, of Lovatt Street, Stoke, has been jailed for three years at Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court.

Prosecutor Nick Tatlow said the defendant was stopped for a drugs search in Corporation Street, Stoke, at 1.25pm on July 8.

Her shoulder bag contained £300, a grip seal plastic bag with 501 milligrams of brown powder containing heroin and half an ounce of cannabis.

She was arrested and her home was searched and cops found a set of digital scales and two rolls of cling film.

Williams said she was told her ex-partner owed a debt and she was being held responsible. She was told to go to an alleyway in Cobridge and collect half an ounce of cocaine and half an ounce of heroin.

After selling the drugs, she met a man who took the money from her and gave her another half ounce of each drug to sell.

A few days later, a man tried to snatch her bag and she called the dealer and said she would not sell any more drugs. She was released under investigation.

But at 1.10pm on September 7, police saw the defendant approach a known drug user in Vale Street, Stoke.

Mr Tatlow said: “As police got out of the vehicle, she threw a gold container to the ground. She was told she was being detained for a drugs search. She said, ‘I have only got some personal on me, some dust and some crack’.

“She was arrested. She had a bag which contained two mobiles, £40 and some clear bags. The container was recovered. Inside was a wrap with 75 milligrams of crack cocaine and wraps of monkey dust.”

Police were on duty in Lovatt Street, Stoke, at 1.15pm on October 13 when they saw a known drug user pay a short visit to the defendant’s address.

Williams was stopped when she left and was in possession of drugs including crack cocaine.

“Police forced entry and arrested the defendant and a man,” added Mr Tatlow. “She was strip-searched in custody and found to have a knotted condom in her vagina which contained four wraps of crack cocaine, £10 deals ready for sale.

“Police seized £285. A mobile belonging to the defendant had on it messages indicating involvement in the supply of cocaine.

“She went on to admit she would supply to a handful of friends.”

Williams pleaded guilty to possession of cannabis; being concerned in the supply of crack cocaine; being concerned in the supply of heroin; and possession of crack cocaine with intent to supply.

Anis Ali, mitigating, said the defendant has been a drug user for many years.

“Her ex-partner became indebted to those far more criminally involved with drugs. They preyed on her vulnerability. She felt she had no option but to comply,” he told the court.

“She was discharging a debt of £10,000 and she could provide for her own drug habit. None of that excuses what she did.

“She has abstained from the use of illicit substances since.”

Judge Paul Glenn said: “You were attested on a number of occasions. After the first arrest, you volunteered to the police that the half gram of heroin was the remnants of property that you had been provided with and had supplied.

“You said you were addicted to cannabis and a user of cocaine. You were selling heroin and crack cocaine to clear your ex-partner’s debt and, for six to eight weeks, you were weighing, packiging and selling the drugs.

“On September 7, you were found with monkey dust and a small amount of crack cocaine.

“But on October 13, you were arrested at your address after a known user had visited your address and been stopped once they left.

“You concealed four wraps of crack cocaine inside a condom secreted inside your vagina. Your two mobile phones were seized and interrogated.

“The texts demonstrated your involvement in the supply of crack cocaine and heroin and there were flare messages indicating the availability of both of them.

“Crack cocaine and heroin are addictive and ruinous. You also knew if you were caught there would be serious consequences. But you carried on dealing, not deterred by your arrest.

“You were making something from it, at the very least financing your own significant addiction.”

The judge ordered the forfeiture of the £625 seized, the drugs, scales, phones and other paraphernalia.

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