Paschal’s euro-reshuffle challenges


Imagine as Irish finance minister you have the ear of key decision-makers in Brussels, Berlin and Washington. Now imagine, for domestic political reasons, you will lose all of that because of domestic political concerns.

That is what is looming for Paschal Donohoe thanks to the reshuffle of taoiseach – and, most likely, the cabinet – at the end of the year.

In July 2020, in addition to his job as Minister for Finance, Mr Donohoe took over as the president of the Eurogroup. This is an informal body of euro member finance ministers that usually meets monthly, before a meeting of the wider circle of EU finance ministers known as Ecofin.

As Eurogroup president, Mr Donohoe co-ordinates the monthly meetings and debates, pops up at European Council meetings, the ECB in Frankfurt and even G7 gatherings.

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