Roman Kemp made his debut as presenter on tonight’s The One Show and fans couldn’t get enough of him.

Tonight’s special guests included Angela Scanlon and Tom Grennan. Scanlon spoke about her new book aiming to bring more joy to life, while Grennan talked about his new music and being nominated for an Ivor Novello Award.

TV presenter Matt Allwright also made an appearance from Wembley ahead of the FA Cup finals, celebrating the 150th anniversary of the cup. Here’s how viewers reacted to Kemp’s presenting debut on The One Show.

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Fans react to Roman Kemp’s The One Show presenting debut

Kemp had big shoes to fill as regular presenter Jermaine Jenas was missing from tonight’s episode of The One Show. But it seems though the 29-year-old radio host and presenter did well to entertain the audience.

One viewer took to Twitter to share his thoughts on tonight’s programme, @NathWatkins2020 tweeted: “Got to say @romankemp is doing a fantastic job on @BBCTheOneShow tonight keep it up #TheOneShow”

@FOXPRESIDENT tweeted: “Please be on more! That was fun!”

SLewis wrote: “Hi Roman, Congratulations on your One Show debut. We Love the Show. It’s my husband’s favourite he Never! misses it, even the Grandchildren know. Great job, your style is, confident yet relaxed!! All the best, your parents are also lovely & I’m certain very proud!!”

And Jonathan Horswell wrote: Credit where credits due, @romankemp was really good on his first presenting role on @BBCTheOneShow tonight.”

Kemp started the episode sharing details about the upcoming Queen’s Platinum Jubilee concert where he’ll be hosting alongside Kirsty Young. The programme shared 2D images of the stages for the show and the seating.

Scanlon and Grennan then joined Kemp and Jones on the sofa, where they began talking about Kemp making his debut on Friday the 13th and if they had any superstitions. To which Scanlon replied “I avoid magpies”.

Another key point of tonight’s show was Scanlon’s new book Joyriding, which came out today, on Friday the 13th. In the book the Irish presenter opens up about her 15 year struggle with an eating disorder, she said: “I have no filter, there’s a lot in there”.

One Scanlon fan was happy to see the presenter on the show, @Kevenlaw said: “Too late @angelascanlon Seriously though Angela, looking forward to reading & listening to your new book #Joyride as I’ve brought a signed & audio version of your book #TheOneShow #FridayMotivation #FridayThoughts”

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