Speaker 1: This is CNET. And here are the stories that matter right now, scientists with the event, horizon telescope collaboration revealed the first direct visual evidence of the black hole in the center of our galaxy called Sagitarius a star. Sagitarius a star has a donut like structure with a bright ring surrounding darkness. It looks like the team’s last black hole picture. Therefore confirming these glowing rings are not the product of coincidence or environmental noise. They represent black [00:00:30] holes. The next VR headset from meta was previewed by mark Zuckerberg. It’s currently called project Cambria and it’s a mixed reality focused headset arriving sometime later this year. Other headsets for Microsoft and magic leap use transparent lenses and layer semi-transparent holographic images on top project Cambria uses a different approach by passing color video through the headset and blends virtual reality elements into the feed. Cambria will provide high [00:01:00] resolution video to make the experience more realistic and useful.

Speaker 1: The headset itself was not seen as meta chose to blurred out in its video. Disney CEO, Bob Jeck teased the possibility that Disney plus price hikes may be coming. He said that the company feels bullish about adjusting the streaming services price as its library bulks up with more shows and movies, Disney plans to launch a cheaper ad supported tier of Disney. Plus later this year, Disney plus, which launched in late 2019 [00:01:30] has raised its us price once so far to $8 a month, a $1 increase. JPAC also mentioned the possibility for ESPN to become its own streaming service. When would that happen? JPAC said quote, at some point when it’s going to be good for our shareholders, stay up to date with the latest by visiting cnet.com.

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