An EU insider has claimed the bloc would launch infringement procedures against the UK and suspend the Brexit trade agreement if Liz Truss puts forward legislation to rip up the Northern Ireland Protocol. As the trading row explodes, author and women’s rights activist Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu slammed Brexit and the “donkeys” who have led the country into it. She said: “So Brexit is not done after all. Brexit has NOT produced ANY opportunities only PROBLEMS.

“Who would’ve thought it? Now comes lies, more lies and even more lies.

“Hey UK, aren’t you tired of being led by donkeys? You’re looking pretty stupid right now.”

Negotiations between the EU and UK have long been in stalemate as neither can reach a compromise on the de facto border in place between Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

The Foreign Secretary reportedly delivered a 72-hour deadline for the EU to comply with UK demands or she will begin the steps to lift the protocol.

However, the EU is fighting back and may use economic power to punish the UK – lending weight to Dr Shola’s argument that Brexit has only brought problems.

According to Bloomberg, who the unnamed EU source spoke to, the bloc is prepared to freeze “the privileged access that UK companies have to the EU single market, [and] the bloc would also halt talks over the status of Gibraltar”.

Right now, goods to and from the EU are tariff and quote free, according to GOV.UK, providing they meet the ‘Rules of Origin’ requirements.

However, if the EU follows through with their threat, the UK would automatically go on to World Trade Organization terms with EU countries – losing those privileges.

According to the BBC in 2020, tariffs on certain goods coming from the UK stood at 2.8 percent for non-agricultural products, 10 percent for cars and more than 35 percent for dairy products.

All this at a time when the cost of living is already being decimated by soaring inflation, and the possibility of a recession looms.

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He added: “Next tweet in the thread he noted: “Sticking with trade deals – since leaving the EU we have improved the rolled over deals with Japan and Singapore, and have completely new deals with Australia and New Zealand

“We would not have these deals right now, if we had stayed inside the EU.”

Mr Foyle mentioned other key legislative benefits such as more control over animal welfare and being able to suspend trade deals with countries such as Israel for moral reasons.

He also cited a “fairer” immigration policy that does not prioritise predominantly white Europeans.

Finally, Mr Royle argued the UK was better able to respond to the invasion of Ukraine as an independent nation.

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