Summer heat arriving in Italy with the African anticyclone Hannibal already this weekend. At the moment it is 8 degrees above the seasonal average but the peak of temperatures is expected for next Tuesday. This is what the experts of “Il” predict.

«We will arrive well over 32-33 degrees especially in northern Italy – explains il – ​​but the heat will expand during the weekend also towards the central-southern regions. If we had been in August, when the seas are already warm, with this configuration we would have touched 37-39 C. At this moment we are saved by the Mediterranean basin which still has fresh water, around 20-22 C: this reserve it will partially protect us from this heat wave by influencing the North African currents in transit on the Mare Nostrum ».

Hannibal brings typical July temperatures.

Here is the detailed weather forecast for the next few days. Saturday: in the north immediately showers on Lombardy and Triveneto, improves from the afternoon. Middle: good weather, warm. In the South: good weather, warm. Sunday: in the north, sunshine and summer heat, but with isolated storms from the Alps towards the adjacent plains, more likely in the north-west. In the center: good weather, hot weather, isolated thunderstorms on the Abruzzo hills. In the south: good weather, warm. Trend: dominated by the anticyclone Hannibal, the North African high pressure will lead to a further increase in temperatures with predominantly sunny conditions at least until mid-week.

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