Investigation launched after mum’s stationary vehicle is hit in police chase in Skegness


Police at the scene of the crash in Burgh Road Skegness. Photo: Barry Robinson.

Amy Taylor says she was was heading to school in Burgh Road on Wednesday afternoon when the incident, which resulting in the police car being in collision with a tree, took place.

“I was turning into the junction and was stationary and the police car slammed into my right side shunting me down the road, with my air bags going off,” Amy recalled.

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“My wheel was in the middle of the road and my car is a right off.

The car driven by Amy Taylor which was hit during the the police chase.

“I went into shock, I am now feeling the full brunt of the accident.

“I am without a car, loss of earnings and my children could of lost their mum due to police going too fast on a busy road in wet conditions at school time.”

Lincolnshire Police have confirmed the unmarked car was in pursuit of another vehicle that had ‘failed to stop’ when the incident happened.

The initial statement from the police did not mention another vehicle being hit but said no-one was ‘seriously’ injured.

The statement said: “A police car collided with a tree yesterday (11 May).

“This occurred at around 3.30pm on the A158 at Skegness.

There were no serious injuries. The police car was in pursuit of another car after it had failed to stop.”

Witnesses took to social media to comment on the incident. “Wow so no mention of the mum that was sat stationary when they smashed into her?”

Another said: “Just as they were coming out of school. Could have been a lot worse.”

And another: “What officer in their right mind would go on a pursuit at 3.30pm next to a school?”

One comment believed the drive of the car the police were chasing should be made to “pay for the damage and police time”.

“Time to crack down on criminals not just a £90 fine and ban. Maybe insurance wouldn’t go up as much.”

Lincolnshire World has been back in touch with Lincolnshire Police for a further response on the alleged collision with the car driven by Amy Taylor.

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