A Welsh 41-year-old self-confessed cougar tries to win the heart of a 22-year-old rugby player in new Channel 4 show, Let’s Make A Love Scene. The show, which gives contestants the chance to ‘star in their own romcom’, debuts on Channel 4 on Friday, May 13 but will it be an unlucky day for Lailand, 22, who has to choose between three women.

In the series, which is hosted by Ellie Taylor, contestants are asked to perform intimate scenes with the help of intimacy consultant Rufai ‘Roo’ Ajala and acting coach Emma Crompton. In the first episode – Trish, 41, gets young Lailand to perform a scene from the film Out of Sight that originally featured George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez. In the scene, Lopez’s character has sex with Clooney’s in a steamy sequence. Trish, who chose the scene, said that she opted for the clip because ”it’s intimate, passionate and J Lo is a fellow cougar.”

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Upon first meeting Lailand, Trish laughs when he tells her that he is 22. The age, which is her “type” doesn’t phase Trish but for Lailand, he says: “I normally wouldn’t meet someone like Trish but I’m having a lot of fun and it’s good to get that experience with an older woman.”

Host Ellie Taylor in Lets Make a Love Scene

In preparation for their scene, Trish and Lailand test boundaries but the former isn’t shy in letting the Welsh rugby player “pull her hair”. That is, “if he wants to”. Lailand, who wasn’t holding back either, said that the pair’s chemistry on-screen was “good”. This was good news for Trish as she said that there was a “spark” between them.

And then, it was time. The two got into their costumes (including Lailand putting on a striking pair of white boxers to emulate Clooney) and got to work. Upon seeing Trish, he said: “I fancy her a lot more now she’s embodied J Lo”. For coaches Roo and Emma, they were shocked at how “professional” the couple took to the steamy scene.

After Trish and Lailand had completed the scene, which involved them going at it in bed, he described her as a “really good leading lady”. Trish, meanwhile, told J Lo to “eat her heart out” as she walked away, pleased that she’d given a younger man a good time. But will it be enough to win another date with Lailand?

Let’s Make a Love Scene is on Channel 4 at 10pm on Friday, May 13. For more What’s On news subscribe to our newsletter here.

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