Norway’s Eurovision entry is possibly the most bonkers of the lot. Subwoolfer will attempt to win over the judges and public with their song Give That Wolf A Banana when they take to the stage in Turin, Italy.

But who is Subwoolfer? In an effort to get to know the pair better, we’ve done some digging and this is what we found.

Keep reading to find out more.

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Who are Subwoolfer?

The duo formed in 2021 and is known for performing in black suits with white shirts, yellow wolf-head masks and yellow gloves and ties. They go by the pseudonyms Keith and Jim, but their real identities have not been publicly revealed, making the pair a mystery.

A fictional story about their origins was published, stating that they began their career “4.5 billion years ago on the Moon” and claim to be the “most successful band in our galaxy”. The pair’s secret identity has led to speculation on social media, with some fans believing they could be a Norwegian comedy duo, the Ylvis brothers, singer Gaute Ormåsen and even British singer Ben Adams.

After being picked to represent Norway in Eurovision, Give That Wolf A Banana has been streamed at least 8 million times on Spotify. Subwoolfer also won Melodi Grand Prix 2022, a Norwegian music competition.

Has Norway won Eurovision before?

Yes, Norway has won Eurovision three times – 1985, 1995 and 2009. Subwoolfer could make it third time lucky tomorrow, but the duo will have some tough competition ahead of them when they go up against Ukraine’s Kalush Orchestra. The rap group is currently tipped to take home the crown, according to Betfair.

The gambling company states Ukraine’s odds are 2/5 as of yesterday (May 12). Monika will also have to outsing TikTok star Sam Ryder, who will be representing the United Kingdom with his song Space Man, and many other countries.

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