For the tremors there is an earthquake that a Florence they occurred late yesterday evening “there was only a lot of fear as shown by the data from the 112 central station: 220 calls in 10 minutes, 350 in total after 40 minutes”. This is what the mayor of Florence and the metropolitan city writes in a Tweet Dario Nardella.

The shocks of Florence

As for the verification to discover possible damage, “the monitoring of the situation continues” concludes the mayor.

Nardella took stock of the situation with the managers of the metropolitan and municipal civil protection Leonardo Ermini and with the commander of the Fire Brigade Gennaro Tornatore. “From the inspections carried out – explains Nardella – no harm to people was found and things throughout the metropolitan area. Checks are underway on two reports of cracks. There was just a lot of fear. The tremor was distinctly felt because it did not occur in depth“.

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