Viewers have been left divided after a musical duo on ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent, who met for the very first time at the audition itself, were given a Golden Buzzer, with many saying other acts had been “robbed”. 22-year-old rapper Flintz, from Croydon, performed an emotional song called ‘Change’ about becoming a role model to his brothers, and was accompanied by 17-year-old Taylor, from Birmingham, on the piano at their moving audition on Saturday (May 14).

The pair met in the first lockdown on Instagram, but revealed to the judges that they had not met in person until the day of their audition. “I sent him the piano through social media, and he’s just been running off of that,” explained Taylor, adding: “We’ve had no rehearsals together prior to this and the first time we’re doing it is a the London Palladium.”

The lyrics of the original piece are “personal” to Flintz. He recalled he was a “troublesome kid, hanging out with the wrong type of people and going down the wrong path”, before his mum and dad’s guidance helped him to “become the person I am today”. You can read all our Britain’s Got Talent news here.

Flintz mother could be seen wiping away tears in the audience as he performed the sombre number, and all four judges gave the pair a standing ovation. Amanda Holden called the act “passionate” and said she “loved hearing Flintz’ story”. David Walliams added: “There will be a lot of people watching who will relate to that, and they’ll take a very positive message away from it.”

“It was real,” said Simon Cowell. “It was like the scene of a great movie…it was absolutely a perfect audition.” It was Dixon who appeared to be moved the most by the audition and gave them the coveted Golden Buzzer, which takes them straight to the live semi-finals, as the audience cheered on.

Some viewers at home agreed with Dixon’s decision, but many others felt other acts had been robbed. User @cityzen_96 wrote on Twitter: “Now THAT is a golden buzzer. Excellent act. Incredibly moving. The 10 seconds of silence after the act showed that the whole room was moved. Fantastic stuff”

But user @TinyPurplePug wrote: “Sorry but that Korean magician was robbed, should’ve got the golden buzzer he was outstanding”, referring to contestant Junwoo who wowed judges with his sleight of hand.

Another user @jemmabondc also felt the Golden Buzzer should have gone to the magician, writing: “No offence to the hip hop duo, they were great, but the Korean magician was robbed of that golden buzzer act”

User @lewiisjeffries was similarly unimpressed, writing: “The amount of people that deserved the Golden Buzzer tonight, and it went to them”, while user @JRsArmchair said: “Alesha pressing the golden buzzer for the bang average last act. Contrived nonsense.” To sign up for the WalesOnline newsletter, click here.

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