You will have probably seen by now that Ukraine is the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022. We all know that the UK were rooting for Sam Ryder, and so were some other countries as it was clear throughout his time in the competition that he managed to shift the negative reputation the UK has had in the competition in recent years of the competition.

However, the voting results indicate the extent of just how many countries, outside of the UK, really were rooting for Sam Ryder. We have the breakdown of the results of who gave the UK nul points in Eurovision 2022.

Eurovision fans will know that the voting system of the Eurovision grand final is very specific. It is split up into two sections- jury votes and television votes. They are counted separately and then grouped together to determine which country is the overall winner of the Eurovision competition.

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Which countries gave the UK nul points in Eurovision 2022?

Unlike many previous years, this year there were only a few countries that gave the UK nul points in the jury Eurovision Song Contest results. The countries that gave the UK nul points in the jury vote this year were just four – Armenia, Lithuania, Greece and Australia.

What did other countries vote for the UK in the Eurovision contest?

The UK came at the top of the list on the jury votes. However, it was the television votes from the audiences at home that changed our position – only slightly though, as we ended up in second place. Here is the full breakdown of the results the UK received in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022:

The counties gave the UK nul points, and the ones which awarded us the maximum 12 points, in the jury vote:

Armenia 0

Lithuania 0

Greece 0

Australia 0

Serbia 1

Slovenia 2

Spain 3

Cyprus 3

Netherlands 4

Estonia 4

Montenegro 5

Switzerland 6

Norway 6

Italy 6

Denmark 6

Iceland 7

Romania 8

Sweden 8

Poland 8

san marino 8

north macedonia 8

Malta 8

Latvia 8

Ireland 8

Portugal 10

Finland 10

Moldova 10

Albania 10

Israel 10

Bulgaria 10

Czech Republic 12

France 12

Ukraine 12

Germany 12

Azerbaijan 12

Belgium 12

Georgia 12

Austria 12

Although the UK came second in the overall results of Eurovision 2022, Sam Ryder did well to transform the reputation that the UK had in Eurovision for many years, as commentator Graham Horton noted on the show.

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