In a personal statement, former FPÖ and BZÖ politician Gerald Grosz announced that he will be running for the office of Federal President in the autumn elections.

STYRIA. On June 21st at 10 am he made it highly official: Der Steirer Gerald Grossz will step into the ring in the fall to compete against Alexander Van der Bellen, Marco Pogo from the Beer Party and probably a candidate from the FPÖ for the office of President Federal President to knight the Republic of Austria.

Grosz has this decision in one “personal declaration” to the Austrians announced. In this statement, as usual, he does not shy away from allegations against the incumbent and the federal government. “Our country has been paralyzed by this for more than three years, and in view of the scandals the government has long since ceased to function,” it says. “Irresponsible leaders” are at the top, for whom their own advancement is more important than “the future of our fellow citizens”.

Grosz: “Yes, I want to!”

Not so Gerald Grosz … He wants to herald a time of cleanliness and freedom, one should be proud of the country and its representatives again. Therefore, according to the statement, he stands with the people and not with the parties, and he is certainly not a lobbyist for Brussels. In the last part of the explanation he sums it up pathetically: Dear Austrians! Yes I do”, is his promise. For which he now has to collect 6,000 signatures, but given his level of awareness, which is also supported by Ö24, this should not be an issue.

About Gerald Grosz

Grosz was in Graz born and grew up in Deutschlandsberg, where he attended elementary school, secondary school and the BHAK. Even then he joined the Ring of Freedom Youth (RFJ), from 1993 to 1996 he was its district chairman in Deutschlandsberg. After that he was FPÖ city party chairman until 1999. In 2005 Grosz joined Jorg Haider to the newly founded BZÖ, for which he sat on the Deutschlandsberg municipal council until 2007, and later also on the Graz municipal council.

A picture from earlier days: Gerald Grosz in action for the BZÖ.

From 2008 to 2013 Grosz was a member of the Austrian National Council. After missing the move in 2013, the Styrian took over the BZÖ as party chairman until his political departure in 2015. Since then, Grosz has worked as an entrepreneur and author. He lives in Graz with his partner.