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2nd round of PGA Championship postponed after fatal accident – misunderstanding led to Scheffler’s arrest


A serious incident near the course means that the start of the 2nd round of the PGA Championship has been postponed. Photo: Jeff Roberson / AP / NTB

Of NTB | 17.05.2024 14:09:36

Sport: Just before 12.30 Norwegian time, the organizer announced in his own media channels that the start of the second round was postponed as a result of an incident near the track. The trio Rich Beem, Sebastian Söderberg and Kazuma Kobori were scheduled to start the round at 1.15pm.

Sky Sports wrote that the delay was due to a collision involving a pedestrian and a bus. The pedestrian was pronounced dead at the scene, according to a statement from the local police.

At 13.44 the organizer stated that the new start is at 14.35 Norwegian time.

According to several media, including Sky Sports and Expressen, American Scottie Scheffler is said to have been handcuffed by the police after allegedly trying to avoid the scene when he was stopped by the police. According to ESPN journalist Jeff Darlington, a policeman is said to have screamed at the world leader and asked him to get out of the car.

According to Sky Sports, the arrest of Scheffler has no connection to the fatal accident, and the whole thing is being referred to as a misunderstanding. Scheffler was later released.

Norske Hovland was scheduled to kick off at 19:51. That time has been moved to 21.11.

Hovland started the tournament with three shots under par on Thursday, when he delivered five birdies, among other things. The 26-year-old has had a tough start to the season after he won the PGA playoff last year. Among other things, he has stood over several tournaments.

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