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36 seats of deputies still remain in power during the second round of the legislative elections

In Mauritania, the ruling party has largely won the municipal and regional elections and the first round of legislative elections with already 80 deputies out of the 176 in parliament. This Saturday, Mauritanians are invited to vote only for the second round of legislative elections. Polling stations will open at 7 a.m. and close at 7 p.m.

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With corresponding note in Nouakchott, Lea Breuil

The only electoral constituencies still in play are those still in the ballot. In all, 36 seats are still to be filled. There is therefore little suspense, but it is an opportunity for the opposition, which only obtained 24 seats in the first round and which is still contesting the conduct of the ballot, to score better.

Among the 22 electoral districts where voters are still invited to vote: we find the town of Rosso, Atar and Zouerate. Four constituencies remain in play abroad, including one in Europe or one in Asia.

On the side of the formations still in contention: the ruling party El Insaf is still present in all the constituencies. But also certain parties, said to be of the presidential majority, such as the CAP party or the El Islah party. On the opposition side, we find first the Islamists of Tawassoul who won nine seats in the first round, the AJD-MR alliance or the new FRUD coalition.

The Sawab-rag coalition, joined by the anti-slavery MP Biram Dah Abeid contests only one constituency in Europe. She is still contesting the ballot, but shows her support for all the opposition parties that will face the ruling party. Same decision on the side of the traditional parties of the RFD or the UFP which this year will not be represented in Parliament.

For this second round, Mauritanians will have only one ballot to cast in the ballot box. 140 deputies out of the 176 in parliament have already been elected in the first round.

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