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41 found dead after floods in Indonesia


The heavy rain, and the flow of cold lava, was triggered on Saturday. The picture is from Sunday and shows some of the destruction. Photo: Ali Nayaka / AP / NTB

Of NTB | 13.05.2024 05:19:30

Weather: – Figures as of last night were 37 dead. But this morning the number has risen again to 41 dead, a spokesperson for the Indonesian authorities said on Monday morning.

The spokesperson added that the search continues for 17 who are missing.

Two districts in the province of West Sumatra were hit by heavy rain on Saturday evening. The storm triggered flash floods, landslides and what is called a cold lava flow, which is a mixture of volcanic ash, rocks and water that flows like mud. The cold lava flow, called “lahar” in Indonesia, came from Mount Marapi, which is among Sumatra’s most active volcanoes.

– The heavy rain brought with it ash and large stones from the Marapi volcano. Cold lava flows and flash floods have always been threats to us. But the problem is that it always happens late at night and until dawn, says rescue manager Abdul Malik.

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