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70 million for climate measures in the revised Oslo budget


City councilor for environment and transport Marit Vea (V) in Oslo has proposed NOK 70 million for the municipality’s climate fund in the revised budget for 2024. Photo: Lise Åserud / NTB

Of NTB | 23.05.2024 02:09:32

Weather: City council for the environment and transport Marit Vea (V) calls it one of the biggest investments in climate measures, writes The daily newspaper.

The money in the fund will go to residents and businesses that want to implement climate measures in the municipality. This could be, for example, installing electric car chargers or energy mapping of housing associations.

– I am happy that so many Oslo citizens and businesses are showing an interest in investing in green solutions that take us closer to the climate goals, says Vea.

Group leader for the Conservative Party, Merete Agerbak-Jensen, is also satisfied with the increased subsidy.

– 70 million to the climate and energy fund gives more residents and businesses the opportunity to cut emissions and reduce the use of energy in Oslo. We need even more people to join the effort, she says.

A revised budget for the capital will be presented on Thursday.

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