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A fourth man charged in the murder of a Sikh leader in Canada


A banner with the image of Hardeep Singh Nijjar near the spot where he was killed in a Vancouver suburb last year. Photo: Darryl Dyck / AP / NTB

Of NTB | 12.05.2024 03:23:54

Crime and justice: Hardeep Singh Nijjar was killed in June last year, triggering a diplomatic crisis between Canada and India.

Earlier this month, police in Canada said they will investigate whether the accused have links to the Indian government. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau claimed in September that India was involved in the murder.

45-year-old Nijjar fought for the creation of an independent Sikh state that would secede from India. Indian authorities accused him of terrorism.

Several diplomats have been expelled from both countries in connection with the case.

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