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A German company insists on building a marina in occupied Livera despite the…

Executives of the German company stated that soon there will be various projects in occupied Cyprus

The project that the company is planning to do in the occupied village of Livera will be implemented at all costs and concerns the construction of a marina, a hotel and a tourist area at a cost of 500 million euros, according to officials of the German company.

According to the GTP, Jeni Bakis reports today that MEP Costas Mavridis reported to the European Union the purchase of land in Livera by the German company to build a marina and hotel and that the European Commission made a statement after being informed about the investment.

The publication reports that the European Commissioner for Cohesion and Reforms, Eliza Ferreira, stated that the area is not under the control of the Republic of Cyprus, which cannot control the proceedings concerning immovable properties there, but member states are obliged to respect the ownership regime and the property record. He also recalled the decision taken by the European Court in the Orams case.

“Jeni Bakis” writes that she contacted officials of the German company again, who told her that the project will be implemented at all costs, that they have budgeted 500 million euros for this project, analyzed the soil in Livera and measured the depth of the sea in the area.

The officials said that soon there will be various projects in occupied Cyprus and that this event will cause a great sensation.

An official of the German company said that a different project will be announced within four weeks and that there will be a lot of public interest in this project. “We did all the necessary soil analyzes in Livera. We measured the depth of the sea. We found the places that are suitable for a port. We will mobilize to implement the project very soon. The fact that the Greek Cypriot parliamentarian reported us to the European Union cannot stop our work”, added the same official.

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