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A lifeline to a starving people – Daily Freeman

I was appalled at our government’s cruel decision to stop funding UNWRA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency) just days after the ICJ (International Court of Justice) found that Israel was plausibly committing genocide in Gaza. And that was decided without proof or evidence.

Of the 12 UN workers alleged to have participated in the Hamas attack, three are now dead or missing. And it must be understood that there are currently 13,000 UN workers in Palestine yet, this action was taken with no due process or any comment about what UNWRA would need to do to reverse the decision.

In the meantime, a war is escalating that is more destructive than any of us have ever witnessed. In the meantime, Palestinian life is being extinguished. Churches, schools, mosques and hospitals are being destroyed by the hour.

UNWRA is a lifeline to a starving people. We must hold our government accountable and ask for the evidence, let them know we want the details of the dossier. It is inhumane and unlawful to politicize aid. Defund genocide, do not defund UNWRA.

— Cheryl Qamar


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