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A new intuition from Fury in Big Brother: he suspects that the former participants will enter the house


Juliana Rage Scaglione He is characterized by being aware of the game 24 hours a day that he spends in the house of Big Brother (Telefe). For this reason, he has even managed to guess different events that were going to happen in the future.

And this would not be the exception since the little sister suspects that The former participants would enter the house soonas announced by Santiago del Moro at the last gala.

In this way, in a conversation she had with Los Bro in the garden, the athlete told them about the intuition she had: “Tomorrow all our former colleagues will come and stay to live, for a whole week or two”.

So it was that the network began to speculate again that the production had passed on information since it is not the first time that Furia has this type of visions that end up being true.

What will the week be like in Big Brother?

Santiago del Moro revealed on June 2, that the former participants of Big Brother They will re-enter reality, but without interacting with the house. On the other hand, on Thursday it will be Miranda live.

At the debate gala on June 3, the host of the program will tell the kids when this edition of the most important reality show in the world will end. Inside the house, they think it ends on July 7.

“Things are going to repeat themselves,” defined Santiago del Moro to what will happen at the gala. Likewise, he revealed that there will be a new “Frozen” that will make people talk, and that it will happen tonight.


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