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A new set Lennon-McCartney have written songs together


Even Paul McCartney experienced ending up in the shadow of The Beatles (pictured) with his own band Wings, says his son James McCartney. Photo: NTB

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Culture and entertainment: Paul McCartney’s son James McCartney has written the song «Primrose Hill» along with Sean Ono Lennon. according to The Guardian it is an acoustic ballad.

– I imagined a beautiful summer day in Scotland as a child. I let go, and saw before my inner eye my true love and savior. “Primrose Hill” is about getting the ball rolling with me and finding this person, writes James McCartney Instagram. There he describes Lennon junior as “a good friend”.

Dad Paul cheers for Jack and promotes the song on social media. He also sends “lots of love” to Sean Ono Lennon – who has previously appeared on his mother Yoko Ono’s records and released his own solo record, with Ringo’s son Zak Starkey as a co-musician.

James McCartney (46) has written songs with his father in the past and released two solo albums in 2013 and 2016. He states that he is now starting again. Earlier this year, another single, “Beautiful”, was added good reception.

– It’s tough to live up to The Beatles, said James McCartney when the first solo album was released, and added that even dad Paul with Wings experienced the same. He himself began his musical career under an alias.

Now James McCartney is inviting fans to help make a music video for “Primrose Hill”. Submitted entries must contain loving couples who listen to the song in a romantic setting and enjoy each other’s company, according to the homepage. But you have to hurry – the deadline expires on Friday.

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