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A possible rightward turn in the offing when the EU elections are over


Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni voted in the EU elections on Saturday. The conclusion will come on Sunday. Meloni warns the centrist parties that their time in the driver’s seat may be over. Photo: Mauro Scrobogna / LaPresse via AP / NTB

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Policy: Voters in 21 member states vote on Sunday. The election will have a lot to say about how the EU and its 450 million inhabitants will deal with several challenges, among them an expansive Russia, increasing industrial competition with China and the USA, the climate crisis and immigration.

The election began in the Netherlands on Thursday and continued in other countries, including Italy, on Friday and Saturday. However, most of the votes will come on Sunday, when France, Germany, Poland and Spain open the polls and Italy’s EU elections conclude on day two.

The EU Parliament has announced an election day poll for the entire Union at around 20:30 Norwegian time and the first provisional results after 23, after voting has ended.

– This election will govern our next five years, she said.

The polls suggest that Meloni’s party Brothers of Italy could get 27 percent of the vote in the country, more than four times as much as in 2019.

Opinion polls suggest that the pro-European liberal and green parties will lose seats, which will weaken the majority of the centrist parties and make the work of introducing new laws and increasing integration more complicated.

This has given wind in the sails of the far right, which presents itself as an alternative to the established parties.

The polls indicate that the centre-right coalition EPP will remain the largest group in the EU Parliament, which could give European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, who belongs to the group, good opportunities to be re-elected for a new term.

However, she may depend on the support of some of the far-right parties to gain a majority in the EU Parliament, which gives them greater influence.

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni warned the centrist parties that their time as rulers of the EU is over when she voted in Rome on Saturday.

Many voters are struggling with the increased cost of living, are worried about immigration and the costs associated with the green shift and are uneasy about the increased tensions in geopolitics, especially around the Ukraine war.

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