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A tarot reader broke down in the middle of her life when she threw her cards at Big Brother’s Fury: “It’s a lot of dark energy”


The tarot reader Fabiana Aquin He broke down in the middle of his life when he threw the cards at Juliana “Furia” Scaglione and assured that “it is a lot of dark energy.”

The specialist visited the program Thomas Dente in Net TV, The Impertinentand after revealing what the letters said about the participant of Big Brother (Telefe), expressed: “I’m not well, I need a glass of water. It’s a lot of dark, negative energy, and it makes me feel bad because I’m not used to it.“.

“People are totally angry because they can’t believe what is happening. It makes me very helpless because I am a mother, a grandmother… and because I not only look out for my family, but for so many children, so many homes that are having a bad time and that They need a little love, to smile, and there is no violence,” he expressed in response to the violent reactions of Rage at home.

There are three witches: two outside and one inside“said the tarot reader when talking to Juliana and Coy, her sister. “At the moment there is a very heavy atmosphere in the studio that she cuts herself with a knife and Fabiana, every time she throws away the cards, is leaving a lot of her behind,” he said. Thomas Dente.

What happened to Fury in Big Brother?

Juliana Furia Scaglione was once again in the eye of the storm after the definitive re-entry of the former participants of Big Brother (Telefe) due to his repeated threats and insults from the SUM, and controversy broke out on the networks.

The most controversial player in reality and Emmanuel Vich They approached the door and quickly began insulting the first player who entered: Joel Ojeda.

“Go back to your house, sorete”he exclaimed Rage with screams accompanied by Immanuel. And he continued: “False, false! Son of a b…! Soret…! Vizcachero de mier…, soret…, soret… de mier… vizcachero del ort… Gil! You don’t have a group, no one wants you, go home, you whore!”

Then he attacked Coty Romero and criticized her for her body: “What happened to her? I see her very mordant. What are you going to yell at her, poor girl? She doesn’t understand anything. What an idiot she is.”

About Catalina Gorostidiwho was part of the group of “The Furious” with Agostina SpinelliHe launched: “Go home, Catalina. You’re a lie. You screwed me up, forr*.” As soon as she stepped on the door of the living room of the house, she hugged Joel and Florencia Regidor, and pointed out: “The complete vizcacha, the vizcachera. Smell of cu*. But what a smell of shit!”

When everyone began to be called to the confessional to nominate, Juliana He took advantage of seeing them together and targeted Coty again: “And they kicked this one out of her Big Brother and put her here to give that poor shit a job.” And she threw a stick at Regidor: “Florencia, go back to your house.”

At the end of the short stay of the former participants in the house, Katherine She was the last to leave through the front door and Juliana he attacked: “You don’t have money and it’s not enough for you. Not even because you fuck someone from production is it going to happen to you, so… bye. Close the crota door tightly, because I spent it cleaning like a piece of shit *”.

Finally, he continued with the strong accusations amid the insults: “You left me without food, you son of a bitch. You son of a bitch. I almost died, forr*.”

According to what his companions said inside the house, Rage He did not stop talking all night about the former participants who entered the house of Big Brother (Telefe). On the other hand, on the networks, fans made a trend ‘Juliana to 9009’ for the next nomination plate.

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