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ADOR announced that Hyein will not participate in NewJeans comeback promotion


ADORthe agency that represents NewJeansannounced through a statement that Hyein will not participate in the promotion official of the group’s next double single, ““How Sweet”, to focus on your health and recovery.

What happened to Hyein?

In April, the 16 year old singer suffered a microfracture on top of foot during training, so he had to stop his activities and undergo treatment. Despite rehabilitation, medical professionals advised minimizing movement. Faced with this situation, Hyein chose not to participate in the promotion of the group’s new song.


However, they clarified that the idol could make selective appearances depending on her recovery.

The text reads: “This is ADOR. We would like to thank the fans who always show their support and love for NewJeans. Last April, Hyein developed pain on the top of her foot during practice, so she visited the hospital to a detailed examination. Microfractures were detected. Since then, he has focused on treatment and recovery, but r.“He received advice from medical staff to minimize any movement that could put strain on his feet.”.

Haerin, Hyein, Hanni, Danielle, Minji

“Consequently, “Hyein decided not to participate in the official promotions of the double single ‘How Sweet’, including music broadcasts/performances, and focus on stability and rest.”they indicated.

Finally, they said that “Depending on Hyein’s health status and medical advice, she will flexibly participate at times other than music broadcasts/performances. We ask fans for their generous understanding, and we will do our best to allow Hyein to be back with your fans in good health. Thank you.”

When does NewJeans return?

newjeans will return on May 24 with a new double single. It will include four new songs, including the main theme “How Sweet” and “Bubblegum.”

Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin and Hyein they will also do their official debut in Japan on June 21 with the songs from the double single “Supernatural” and “Right Now.” Specific, “Right Now” will be released as a CM song in South Korea and Japan in May.

They also revealed that the group will have a fan meeting at Tokyo Dome on June 26 and 27in addition to having plans for a world tour in 2025.

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