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ADOR sued HYBE auditors for harassing and threatening its employees


10th May, ADOR issued a press release to denounce the internal auditors of HYBE, who allegedly “mistreated and harassed” the agency’s employees. in the midst of the confrontation between the heads of the record labels.

How is the fight between ADOR and HYBE?

ADOR stated that HYBE’s audit team was “interfering in business, imposing pressure and invading the privacy of employees” in order to find any trace of failures in the agency’s operations. As they said, the employee who was subjected to more than 5 hours of interrogation You are considering filing a lawsuit against HYBE for forcing you to access your private information and threatening you.

“Before the ADOR shareholders meeting, The employees suffered mistreatment and harassment due to the illogical form of investigation undertaken by the HYBE audit we would like to issue a statement,” begins the statement released by the media.

“At around 7:00 p.m. on May 9, outside of working hours, the HYBE audit team began to interrogate a team leader from the style management department of ADOR. This interrogation continued for more than 5 hours, until after midnight on May 10, and The auditors even followed the employee to his home to confiscate his laptop and private phone.meddling in personal matters unrelated to business matters.

Besides, abusing the right to conduct an audit, the auditors employed irrational tactics such as applying mental pressure, threatening the employee that “he would have to go to the police station if he did not cooperate.” Even though the employee disclosed her work schedule the next day, the auditors continued to use high-pressure interrogation methods, interfering with business operations.

Bang Si-hyuk and Min Hee-Jin

According to this employee, HYBE’s audit team problematized the employment contract between ADOR and the head of the style management team, claiming that ‘in this contract there is clear evidence of professional malpractice and embezzlement, which is why a demand’ and putting pressure on the employee. However, the contract in question was one that followed the general conventions of this industry, and its contents were already shared with HYBE’s HR and ER departments in February of this year. HYBE auditors can access the details of this contract without applying such blatant interrogation tactics.

In the advertising industry, labor such as hair, makeup and styling comes from outside sources when filming is taking place, and most of the time the workers hired during these shoots are freelancers, who sign contracts with the advertiser.

HYBE CEO Park Ji Won

In 2023, during a calculation of the performance-based pay to be distributed, ADOR determined that there were too many advertising assignments, not to mention the increase in other non-advertising matters, making it difficult for in-house employees to deal with of all styling jobs for advertising. Starting in 2024, ADOR finalized negotiations for styling of advertising shoots to be outsourced. This change was communicated to HYBE’s HR and ER departments in February of this year. What HYBE wishes to problematize here is the amount this employee received from the advertiser through a freelance contract, a payment he received in lieu of an incentive payment. This payment does not affect ADOR in any way, and cannot be evidence of embezzlement.’

At ADOR, when NewJeans did commercial shoots, labor, like styling, was hired internally rather than using outside sources. Using in-house employees for this type of work carries fewer risks, allows you to maintain styling quality, and can respond flexibly when there are sudden changes to the schedule, while helping to protect the artists’ privacy. On these occasions, our in-house employees received payments for their work from the advertiser, and when these employees also met their incentive goals, ADOR made sure to take these external payments into account.”

On April 25 KST, HYBE Labels announced his complaint before the Justice against Min Hee JinCEO of ADORand producer of newjeansand affiliated parties for attempting to seize the subsidiary brand (ADOR).

HYBE -founded by Bang Sihyuk– confirmed through the results of the internal audit made in ADOR that a plan was established to take over management rights under the leadership of ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin. Based on the results, HYBE will file a complaint against those involved on charges of trust abuse.

Min Hee-jinCEO of ADOR, and creator of girl group NewJeansheld a press conference where he flatly denied the accusation and detailed his fierce confrontation with Bang Sihyuk, founder of HYBE, seven hours after HYBE said he would report her to the police for breach of trust. This includes Bang Sihyuk’s request to Min to “crush the aespa group.”

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