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Adrián Suar and Griselda Siciliani opened up about the possibility of forming a couple again


Adrian Suar and Griselda Siciliani They separated eight years ago, in a relationship that was full of twists and turns, but in which they have managed to maintain their good treatment, especially for their daughter Margarita.

For that reason, when Angel de Brito He invited them to be part of his program in Bondi Live They did not hesitate to accept the proposal, even though they knew the likelihood that they would be asked “yes they would” be together again. So, at this moment, the actress assured: “No, we wouldn’t go back. That’s the best we have”.

Automatically, he put his arm over the producer’s back in a show of affection, while he explained: “They are seasons. It’s like a television series that you did for six or seven seasons.”.

“Was it difficult for you to separate, Adrián?” the driver replied, to which he told him: “Yes, it was quite difficult for me.” And for her part, Leticia Siciliani’s sister agreed: “It was difficult for me too, but I am more decisive.” Additionally, she revealed how they made the decision: “In this case, it was quite… two people with a lot of pride, dignity, we said ‘this far’ and it was this far”.

Finally, they talked about the difficulty of being in a relationship with someone from the middle: “It wasn’t difficult for me with Gri, it’s just as difficult. Coexistence was very easy”. However, Siciliani told the story about him: “I never felt like I was dating an actor, in the years we were together.”

The reason why Griselda Siciliani is not in a relationship

Griselda Siciliani was present at Turn and a Half (Urban Play) and spoke about cultural mandates. In his case, he placed a lot of emphasis on being single.

The actress separated from Adrián Suar seven years ago and, since then, no other partner has been known. For this reason, Sebastián Wainraich reflected on one of the prejudices that society has: “The man at 45 who is single is a great candidate, The single woman at 45 without children is crazy and with children, she is a kick in the balls. There’s something cultural that I don’t know where it came from.”

“Clear, Because it is also understood that a 45-year-old woman is single because she cannot find a partner, no one assumes that she does not want to have a partner.“, she expressed indignantly and explained: “And they tell you ‘how long has it been since you’ve been in a relationship?’, I experience it firsthand. I am single and very honored“.

Furthermore, he closed with an anecdote that happened to him recently: “I was recently filming a series and a colleague told me ‘you’re not going to believe me but there is a friend of mine who dies for you.’. How can I not believe it?”


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