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Adrián Suar’s reaction when Leticia Siciliani sent him to the front live with a detail of his private life


Adrian Suar He was the first guest on the program Sebastian Wainraich, The perfect night (El Trece), where his ex-sister-in-law Leticia Siciliani He is part of the panelists.

Because the actress knows him very well due to the number of years he was in a relationship with his sister. Griselda Siciliani, He sent him to the front with an action from his daily life after he defeated himself as a very calm man.

“My usual nature is non-tension, part of my personality is like that. There are days obviously. I work hard to go with that nature of having a good mood. For me, there are moments when I go from 0 to 100. I am very pro about being in a good mood, it makes me smart. When I go the other way, I connect with an Adrián that I don’t like,” he had explained.

“But, for example, if your TV or something with the remote control or car key doesn’t work…”the actress quickly interrupted him to tell one of the anecdotes where he went out of his mind.

For this reason, the producer joked: “This one has data, get it out of the studio now, throw it out”. And she began to narrate: “I’m going to explain to you, because she is my daughter’s aunt and my daughter who has me as a son… What does it get out of me? I get in the car… except for what I do, in the rest I make water“.

“I get into the car and I start it every day, because it doesn’t have the key, and it wouldn’t start. I have to take Margarita to school. And two things happen: Margarita who tells me ‘dad, we’re not going to make it’ and that day the battery broke. There was no way to start the car and, as I know myself, I know I won’t be able to do it. And there, when I encounter my own uselessness, the chain comes off. And that makes me angry“argued Adrián Suar.

What was Sebastián Wainraich’s debut like?

Sebastian Wainraich debuted as host of a new Argentine late show, The Perfect Night (El Trece), and his first guest was Adrián Suar, who underwent various questions and games within the program. The comedian is accompanied by the locution of BB Sanzo, the comedian (and friend) Peto Menahem and Leticia Siciliani.

During the presentation, he touched on topics about age, how to face life, and obviously what the program is going to be about. Furthermore, she compared her age to personalities like Donald Trump, Gandhi, and the Argentine model Hernán Drago.

Then, he introduced his first guest of the cycle Adrián Suar, where they had a pleasant interview, and within it Overalls He intervened so that the television producer responded that they were the objects he had in a suitcase.

To finish it, Sebastian proposed to Suar tell an anecdote that has never been told on television, and that you say it only in the program (it will be something distinctive within the program). Afterwards, he offered her three options: “Monkeys with Toto, Maradona wants to get off of “The Night of the 10th,” or First Colonoscopy.”

“I’m not going to download any of those,” retruded Adrian. And I add: “I’m going to tell something that I never told, and it’s here. At the time of the Golden Rocket band, we had to bring our own clothes, and we had to go to the venue alone. It’s not like now, where they can pay you a remis or give you a car.”

“They met us at a place, I remember it was a restaurant, and we arrived with Diego (Towers) and the ‘Golden Rocket’ band was there, we arrived at the bar to record. “We were waiting for the team,” he continued with a smile on his face.

The dad of Toto, delved deeper into the anecdote: “We were waiting at Pumpernic, there were 6 other people, and it was 8 or 9 in the morning. And two thieves enter, first they went to the cash register, they were with revolvers, I turn pale. In my bag I had all my clothes, which were for acting and I couldn’t lose them.”

Finally, Adrian Suar He concluded the story by stating that all the boys in the school were robbed. “The Golden Rocket Gang” (El Trece)and when it is his turn to take his things, he says to the thief: “I ask you please, do not take my clothes, because I have continuity,” blowing up everyone in the studio.


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