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Agustín Franzoni’s reaction when he found out about the fake wedding of Flor Jazmín Peña and Nico Occhiato


Agustín Franzonithe ex-partner of Jasmine Flower Peñawas very hurt after the end of their relationship, so, when she found out that she was dating Nico Occhiato he didn’t take it in the best way. Much less the idea that perform a fake wedding at the Teatro Colón.

For that reason, in the middle of his streaming program with Grego Rossellothe influencer spoke about this canonical event that will take place at the end of the month of May. “They are invited to Colón on the 30th”read aloud a comment from the chat, in which he remembered: “Ah, there is the casario.”

“You’re a badass, how are you going to tell Franzo that about going to Nico Occhiato and Flor Jazmín’s wedding. “You’re an idiot, don’t you understand that he was in love?” his friend jumped in rudely to defend him.

However, Franzoni preferred to take it ironically and expressed: “I fall and when they say ‘is there anyone who opposes?’… It would be high plot twist. “It would be spectacular, if I record it I’ll go viral.”

Nico Occhiato and Flor Jazmín Peña announced that they will get married

Nicolás Occhiato and Flor Jazmín Peña ended the rumors that claimed marriage and they revealed the real reason why the driver bought his girlfriend a ring.

In the special edition of Nobody says anything (Luzu TV) in Spain, the couple announced: “The reality is that, in a very short time, if not in two weeks, we are going to get married… in a fake wedding at the Teatro Colón. “We are going to celebrate our love with the entire Luzu community.”

“You will be able to be part and, even, some of you will be able to come”explained the dancer, who assured that the moment can be witnessed both in streaming and in person.

For his part, the former Combat revealed that the idea arose from a platform: “Today the first part of the third season of Bridgerton is premiering. Then, the people from Netflix approached us and told us that they wanted to do a fake wedding of ours. So, we said if we are in love again and the Luzu community has always been part of it, why don’t we broadcast them?”

In this way, it was confirmed that the fake wedding will take place on May 30 live at 8:30 p.m. with the broadcast from the Teatro Colón where all the Luzu characters and their families will be present in period costumes.

Finally, it was confirmed that Santiago Talledo will be the Master of Ceremony and the person responsible for Nico Occhiato and Flor Jazmín saying “yes.” For her part, Momi Giardina will be Maid of Honor.


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