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Ailee Reveals Her Relationship With “Single’s Inferno” Choi Si Hoon, Announces Marriage Plans


The agency A2Z Entertainment revealed that Amy Lee, better known as Aileeis in a couple with Choi Si Hoonfrom the program “Single’s Inferno”, and they have plans to get married. The news was a bombshell in the industry, due to the mystery surrounding his name.

Who is Ailee’s partner?

News of Ailee’s relationship with Choi Si Hoon was initially revealed last March, although at the time the name of the member of the South Korean Netflix reality series was kept secret.

At that time, the agency is a Korean-American singer from Kpop stated, “Ailee is dating a civilian she met through mutual connections, with marriage in mind for next year.” However, it was later revealed that her partner was none other than Choi Si Hoon, recognized for his role on Netflix.

Following the public revelation of their relationship, Ailee expressed her feelings on social media: “I looked forward to sharing this happy news when the time came. Although I feel a little deprived of that moment, the overwhelming support and warm wishes from all of you have made me want to embrace this happiness with everyone.”

Ailee rose to fame after her appearance in ‘Dream High 2’ in 2012 and debuted as a singer in February of the same year. Since then she has delivered numerous hit songs.

“Single’s Inferno is a South Korean reality series of Netflix. The show’s hosts are model Hong Jin-kyung, actress Lee Da-hee, singer and Super Junior member Kyuhyun, rapper Hanhae, and YouTuber Dex. The first season premiered from December 18, 2021 to January 8, 2022. The second season premiered from December 13, 2022 to January 10, 2023. The third season premiered from December 12, 2023 to January 9, 2023. January 2024. The fourth season is already confirmed.

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