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Alberto Cormillot and Estefanía Pasquini confessed that on Saturdays they do “the crap”: “It’s not comfortable in the car”


Alberto Cormillot and Stephanie Pasquini They had a fun moment in Matter of weight (El Trece) by revealing that every Saturday they do “the crap.”

Although the nutritionist confused everyone with the confession, she later explained that it was not about something sexual but about breaking the diet.

What “the crap” of Alberto Cormillot and Estefanía Pasquini is like

Someday we are going to show what we eat on Saturday nights“Cormillot introduced.”We call it ‘the crap’“Pasquini said, bothering her husband, who clarified:”We affectionately say so“.

The thing is like this: we act distracted and say ‘what are we eating?’. It’s planned, but we pretend to be surprised and end up ordering fast food. I can eat a chicken medallion, eight onion rings and fifteen french fries.“explained the doctor.

Then when Mario Massaccesi He asked them if they were eating, for example, a hamburger in the car, Alberto Cormillot He said: “We did it once, but it’s not comfortable in the car.”

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