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Alberto Cormillot suffered a domestic accident and was urgently hospitalized: what happened to him


The doctor. Alberto Cormillot He suffered a domestic accident, after falling on his back, and was urgently admitted to the Finochietto Sanatorium.

What accident did Alberto Cormillot have?

Initially, journalist Juan Etchegoyen told X (former Twitter) that the nutritionist had fallen from a ladder and broken 3 of his ribs. Information that was later shared on TN.

Later, in dialogue with TeleshowCormillot told what happened to him and how his health is. “I fell and cracked a rib.”the specialist, a member of “Cuestión de Peso” (El Trece) told him since his admission to the Finochietto Sanatorium.

“At 4:05 in the morning I left the room without turning on the light, so as not to wake the family and, in the darkness, I fell,” explained the 85-year-old doctor. And he added: “I feel perfect, except for the pain. They are studying me and giving me painkillers. Now I am in the room waiting for the result of the scan,” she explained.

According to reports, Cormillot will remain hospitalized under observation.

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