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Alberto Cormillot was surprised by his youngest son in the sanatorium where he is hospitalized


Alberto Cormillot is still hospitalized Finochietto Sanatorium after a fall that caused him to break three of his ribs due to a domestic accident, and his youngest son went to surprise him to spend Sunday with the family. The his mother, Stephanie Pasquini He captured the tender moment that would later be posted on his networks.

“We went for a walk for a little while to get out of the spa and we went to buy a surprise for daddy.”commented the nutritionist.

In the video, you can see how Emilio He is eating the surprise chocolate for his father. “What did you bring for daddy?”he consulted Stephanie to his son. And he answered: “A surprise”. “A surprise? And you are eating it in surprise, it seems to me.”

Finally, Stephanie Pasquini He tries to persuade the boy to give a piece of chocolate to Alberto Cormillot, and he gives him a water cookie.: “Is this the surprise?” nodded Emilio and he kept the chocolate. “What a shame you are, fat man.”

What happened to Alberto Cormillot

The doctor. Alberto Cormillot He suffered a domestic accident, after falling on his back, and was urgently admitted to the Finochietto Sanatorium.

Initially, journalist Juan Etchegoyen told X (former Twitter) that the nutritionist had fallen from a ladder and broken 3 of his ribs. Information that was later shared on TN.

Later, in dialogue with TeleshowCormillot told what happened to him and how his health is. “I fell and cracked a rib.”the specialist, a member of “Cuestión de Peso” (El Trece) told him since his admission to the Finochietto Sanatorium.

“At 4:05 in the morning I left the room without turning on the light, so as not to wake the family and, in the darkness, I fell,” explained the 85-year-old doctor. And he added: “I feel perfect, except for the pain. They are studying me and giving me painkillers. Now I am in the room waiting for the result of the scan,” she explained.

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